How to print, using Papercut

PaperCut MF is a print-and-copy output management software.
This system manages and charges for printing on the College network.

Charge $0.10 for grayscale (black & white) A4 and $0.20 for Color A4.
Charge $0.20 for grayscale (black & white) A3 and $0.40 for Color A3.

To see how to set up different device types, follow the links:


Web Print is another way to print Microsoft Office, PDF, and image files directly from a web browser on your own device without requiring installing printer drivers.


How to release the print job from photocopiers 

You could either scan your ID card if you are already associated with your printing account or enter your school credentials on the printer screen click on the below link to learn more about how to use school printers.

How To release the  Print jobs