How to Reset School Password

If you are on the home page of click on password change Icon


you can also access the reset password tools from here 

In the new page    Type your school credential 


Student: msc\STUDENTCODE

* Note – if you don’t know your student code or temporary password please ask our friendly librarian staff ”  msc\STUDENT CODE

Staff: msc\Intial

current password: your active directory password is the same as the compass password, if you have given a temporary password, that’s your current password.

You must type your new password in both new and confirm text boxes.

Password Policy:

  • contain between 4 and 32 characters
  • contain at least one character from at least three of the following sets:
    • uppercase letters (A-Z)
    • lowercase letters (a-z)
    • numerals (0-9)
    • special characters such as ()~`#$*&@^ (ONLY STAFF)
  • not contain your UserID, first name, or last name