Connect an Andriod Tablet

Before connecting your device, please note the following important information:

Students must contact the IT or librarian staff to connect their iPad

Staff- You will need your Department ID (staff) and password to connect your device.

Your log in account is edu001\ followed by your 8-digit Department ID (e.g. edu001\01234567) which is also used to access your eduMail.

Note: Steps and layout may vary depending on your device.

1. Go to Settings > Connections > Wifi.

2. Select eduSTAR.

3. Select PEAP for the EAP method.

4. None for Phase 2 authentication.

5. Enter your Department ID (staff) or eduPass ID (student) in Identity (not Anonymous), and your password.

6. Select advanced options.

7. Set Proxy to Auto-config.

8. Enter

9. Tap connect and you’re done.